Core Process (CP) Psychotherapy brings together both ancient and modern knowledge of human nature with mindfulness practice. It helps us enhance our awareness of how we are experiencing life and areas of stress, and how we can change.

CP Psychotherapy increases your understanding of how your past conditioning affects you now. It helps you become more aware of patterns of behaviour that are no longer helpful and you can then develop more appropriate responses to the challenges and opportunities of life.

What happens in psychotherapy?

As a psychotherapist I provide a safe, confidential and relaxing setting in which you can become more fully aware of what’s going on in your life.

Initially we meet for a free introductory session during which we discuss how we might work together. You will then have the opportunity to consider whether you wish to take things further.

Sessions are one hour long and appointments are weekly. This time is put aside for you and you are free to discuss whatever you wish. © 2014 | All Rights Reserved | 07590 029796 |